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[Impact Video of Tecory]


We exist to mentor youth through meaningful work that equips them with dignity, resources and a foundation for future success.


Our vision is to create a pathway for our youth employees to discover their value, find hope, and become thriving employees and employers within their communities. 

We do this through:

  1. Providing meaningful employment opportunities for 15-25 year olds.
  2. Providing intentional training through classroom time and on-the-job mentoring.
  3. Collaborating with community businesses.
  4. Entrepreneurial support.
  5. Establishing a reputation for excellence.

Why We Do What We Do:

  • We believe God designed all people to work.
  • We believe work can bring purpose and dignity.
  • We believe God wants us to have meaningful work - using our strengths and gifts to honor Him.
  • We believe a positive first job experience can be transformational for future work.
  • We believe there are many obstacles to finding a good job and we want to help decrease those barriers.